It’s been more than 500 days since the quarantine started and you might be running out of series to watch. You have been searching all day-long looking for the best historical series on Netflix. Luckily, History Adventures just picked the best ones for you!

1.) VIKINGS (6 Seasons)

If you are into historical action and drama that dates back to the eerie Dark Ages, Vikings is the perfect historical series for you. With about 6 seasons and nearly 700 episodes, it may save you from your cabin sickness after being stuck for more than half a year at home due to the CoVID-19 Pandemic; indeed one of the best historical series on Netflix you should watch. You will know about the saga of the Legendary Viking Sea-King Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and the rise of Nordic dominance during the late 8th to early 10th Century.

This Number One series in our list of best historical series on Netflix starts during the mid-8th Century at the hinterlands of present-day Estonia where Ragnar and his brother Rollo (Clive Standen) together with their Viking fisherfolk claim their rites of passage around the freezing North Sea. Victory, betrayal, and mystique will cover Ragnar’s life as he reach for his aspirations in sending his people from Kattegat to a fertile land where they can farm and kickstart a new Nordic civilization.

Vikings is the television adaptation of the Icelandic Saga “Ragnarr Lothbrok” which narrates the heroic reputation of a Viking fisherman-turned-warrior that shook the medieval world by his unparalleled leadership and military abilities. Will the gods be with him? Find out as you discover Ragnar’s life, before, during, and after his triumphs in our list of best historical series on Netflix topnotcher.

2.)   The Last Kingdom (5 Seasons)

Another best historical series on Netflix you should watch is The Last Kingdom. Like Vikings, The Last Kingdom is set during the legendary reign of King Alfred the Great (David Dawson) and the invasion of the second wave of the Great Heathen Army led by Viking earls Ragnar Ragnarsson (Tobias Santelmann), Eobba Ragnarsson (Rune Temte), and Guthrum the Unlucky (Thomas Gabrielsson). It revolves around the life of an orphan kid, Osbert son of Uhtred (Alexander Draymon) the Aelderman (Heir) of Bebbanburh (Present-day Bamburgh, Scotland) and his pursuit of his unbeknownst destiny during the darkest times in Medieval English History. He will then be renamed as Uhtred, in honor of his valiant father who died during the Viking invasion of Eoforwic (present-day York, England), before being kidnapped and orphaned by Ragnar Ragnarsson.

Uhtred, now Ragnarsson, lives his life that is full of bloodlust, romance, and deceit, and will know the true value of his God and the country he is fighting for. Will his Anglo-Saxon blood fight for the cause of Alfred’s ailing and wavering Kingdom of Wessex? Or will his Viking childhood lead him back to his adoptive Nordic loved ones?

The Last Kingdom is the television adaptation of Bernard Cromwell’s “The Saxon Stories” which narrates the legendary adventures of a fictional Saxon hero named Uhtred. Although historically, Uhtred son of Uhtred is associated with a true-to-life Saxon hero that fought for the Bamburgh Castle during Sweyn Forbeard’s Danish reign and invasion of Northumbria—although they differ with their respective timelines. Will Uhtred find his purpose? “Destiny is all”.

3.) Knightfall (2 Seasons)

Haven’t had enough of the list of the best historical series on Netflix yet? Why not check out History Channel’s “Knightfall”? Set during the glorious reign of King Philip the Fair (Ed Stoppard) during the aftermath of the Crusades (14th Century) and the decrease of papal influence around Europe under the controversial leadership of Pope Boniface VIII (Jim Carter), fictional knight and Siege of Acre hero Landry du Lauzon (Tom Cullen) will have his faith tested as he becomes the new Master of the Paris Temple of the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Solomon—famously known as the “Knights Templar”.

Landry’s Christian faith and his worldly desires will lead to his hell of a life as he tries to reach his heavenly aspirations. Celibacy, heresy, and treason will play tug for Landry’s endeavors before the historical fateful end of the Knights Templar in Friday, 13th October, 1307 at the infamous stake. Will Landry carry on the horrors and short-lived triumphs of the Holy Land crusades or will his fate excommunicate him from his beloved Church and Templar brothers?

History Channel released Knightfall last 2017 and has 2 seasons so far. With 10 episodes each season, this, including the aforementioned two other series might fill your quarantine watchlist. Landry can only be victorious over his foes as he fights for God and win, “By the Grace of God”.

So, that’s 3 of the best historical movies on Netflix: Medieval Edition. Continue to visit our blog as you discover more interesting history-related content, including the best historical movies on Netflix: 20th Century Edition!

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