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Our Mission

Do you find history boring? Unfortunately, too many children in schools today would agree with you.

We at History Adventures, World of Characters want to change that.

By combining, first rate historical interpretation, cutting edge mobile entertainment design with the power of narrative, History Adventures inspires interest-driven learning for students.

We have a series of adventures waiting for you. 

From the gardens of Babylon to the stockyards of Chicago, students can explore five millennia of amazing interactive content with ever more to come.

Especially in these difficult times, History Adventures is here to help students and teachers make the most of the opportunities of online learning.

Interactive Learning Experience

History Adventures is a revolutionary interactive learning experience that enhances and broadens student comprehension of the complex world around them.

Award-Winning Design

The future of learning is now. History Adventures, World of Characters is a next gen, fully interactive, cross-platform digital learning series created by Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media Design prof Northwestern University in Qatar.

The series includes:

History Adventures has achieved numerous prestigious awards, including: a 2023 Digital Projects for the Public Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities; funding from the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps; Gold Medal Winner for Best Ed Tech Innovation at the 2022 Reimagine Education Awards; and winner at the 2022 inaugural Anthem Awards for Education, Art, & Culture. 




History Adventures is piloting in schools across the United States and around the world. Ongoing, iterative pre and post assessment indicate greater engagement and measurable increases in retention of knowledge. 



From our Apple Books products to our Chromebooks web apps, iOS, Google Play, Kindle, OverDrive, and Kobo, History Adventures is now accessible on every device and platform found at home and in the classroom.



We are committed to creating a series of History Adventures exploring the past most studied in schools today. Having already completed three major digital products in the series, we have already started work on the next adventures. 

History Adventures, World of Characters

A Digital Learning Product for a Digital Generation

History Adventures stands at the vanguard of narrative studies, multimodal literacies, and applied games and learning research. 

From Oregon Trail to Civilization to Assassin’s Creed: History Adventures, World of Characters synthesizes the best elements from the legacy of learning games while introducing new features, design concepts, and affordances.

This digital learning series introduces creative techniques, including historical flash fiction, dynamic cinemagraphs, 2.5D, Immersive 3D, 360 panorama, interactive infographics, choose your own adventure, sound design, original music, and adaptive assessment. 

History Adventures, World of Characters presents a fresh approach to history education, designed for the digital generation. This interactive learning experience combines mobile entertainment technology with the power of narrative design—bringing the pages of history to life.

Experience History Adventures Now!

A major goal of the History Adventures digital learning series is cross-platform deployment for maximum accessibility for students. Accordingly, we have been able to losslessly port our award-winning product design to Apple Books, Chromebooks (web browser), App Store (iOS native app), Google Play (Android native app), and Kindle Interactive (fully interactive on the Kindle Fire).

Download our animated, interactive digital learning products for free, now, on your favorite platform, and let the history adventures begin!