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Our Mission

Did you know that today, 263 million children in the world are out of school, and the number of primary-aged children not in school is increasing?

However, not all of those children who go to school are actually learning. In low and middle-income countries, only half of the primary school children and little more than a quarter of secondary school children are learning basic skills.

Moreover, in high-income countries, 22% of school-age children will learn basic primary skills only.

We’re on a mission to change that.

By building a strong community of innovative educators by our side, we believe we can help alleviate the learning crisis.

Who We Are

History Adventures is a revolutionary interactive learning experience that enhances and broadens student comprehension of the complex world around them.

How It All Started

History Adventures was created by Spencer Striker, PhD, with the goal to ignite within students an ember of curiosity for learning about the past.

The project officially went live in 2020 with the first audiovisual book covering the 1750-1900 period (History Adventures, World of Characters: Revolutions & Industrialization). After receiving some really great press as well as a Horizon Interactive Gold Award for Best Education app, the team is just getting started on our quest to improve student engagement in learning and take history teaching to a whole new level.

Two exciting new products are in development, History Adventures: Empires & Interconnections (1450-1750) and History Adventures: Conscribo (2nd Century CE, Roman Britannia). Meanwhile, we’re in the process of “porting” our digital book series to Android, iOS, and web app, and we hope to publish the full suite of products on all of these channels by the end of 2020.

Our Values



History Adventures seeks to ignite an ember of curiosity within students for learning about the past, and therein, instill a sense of hope in the future.



We are dedicated to promoting a flexible, engaging, and productive learning environment for our users.



We are committed to delivering the best products in order to become our community’s most trusted history learning partner.

History Adventures, World of Characters

Revolutions & Industrialization, 1750 – 1900

History Adventures is a next-generation digital book application created by Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media Design Professor at Northwestern University, that presents a fresh and efficient approach to history education.

The book includes graphic elements, sound effects, 3D experience, data tags (to help students memorize key definitions), audio comments from world-class historians related to the featured topic, and both formative and summative assessments to test students’ knowledge of topics encountered.

The current edition of History Adventures covers the period from 1750–1900 through the lens of 5 amazing people living through complex flash-points in time.

Since we know how important education is and to make sure everyone has a chance to improve and enrich their knowledge of World History, we’ve made our ebook available completely free of charge for everyone.

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