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History Adventures Is Starting The Non-Profit Journey

Dear Supporters, Readers, and Ambassadors!

We’ve got great news to share with you!

As you all know, History Adventures was founded with the goal to engage students, and to ignite an ember of curiosity for learning about the past. 

The project has initially started with the development of the first audiovisual book covering the 1750-1900 period (History Adventures, World of Characters, Revolutions & Industrialization). 

But after receiving tons of positive reviews and the first award (we have become the Gold Winner of the Horizon Interactive Awards in the Mobile Apps – Education category), we realized that there is so much more he can do to improve student engagement in learning and take history teaching to the whole new level.

And this is how we decided to begin our nonprofit journey.

Welcome the new History Adventures! 

History Adventures will continue to create a revolutionary interactive learning experience that will enhance and broaden student comprehension of the complex world around them, but now as a non-profit organization.

Moreover, since we are on the mission to make history education accessible, we are planning to keep these books free of charge and available for everyone online.

History Adventures, World of Characters, Revolutions & Industrialization is the first book in the History Adventures next-generation digital book application series that presents a fresh and efficient approach to history education.

The digital book includes lavish illustrations, animation, data visualizations, sound effects, 3D experience, digital post-its (to help students memorize certain definitions), audio comments from a leading historians related to the featured topic, and comprehensive assessments to test students’ knowledge of the relevant topic.

We know how important education is and to make sure everyone has a chance to improve and enrich their knowledge of World History. So we really count on your support. 

Please make a simple and free donation of sharing our digital book with your friends and family–people you think might appreciate it. And let’s make great history education accessible and exciting for everyone.

And once again, thank you all for your support and your kind words about our book. We really appreciate it! 


Spencer Striker, PhD

Creator of History Adventures

History Adventures Presentations Spencer Striker PhD

5 Reasons To Download History Adventures

Watch out people, there is a new kid on the block and it’s revolutionizing the way you learn history: introducing History Adventures

History Adventures is a series of next-generation digital books developed by Dr. Spencer Striker. History Adventures blends the latest innovations in mobile entertainment design and technology – including animation, music, motion, and sound effects, with the powerful storytelling method of narrativizing the life stories of peoples who lived in past centuries, in different ages and locations around the world, with the innovative, cross-disciplinary curricula.

The first book, History Adventures, World of Characters, (1750-1900), presents a fresh approach to history education, designed for today’s digital generation.

What’s History Adventures’ secret? Amazingly, it simply lets you relive history by reading the stories of multiple characters who used to live during a certain period in world history with a click of a finger. 

If you are getting ready for the AP World History Exam, just download History Adventures. Getting ready for the college, voila – History Adventures. Or maybe you are no longer studying, but just want to improve your general knowledge of history, or relax and enjoy a fascinating and engaging book while distracting yourself after a long day – then History Adventures will come in hand too. 

With our streamlined book application, anyone can have a great audiovisual experience at the click of a button! To celebrate our launch, we’ve put together this list of even more reasons why you should download History Adventures.

By the way, you can download History Adventures: World of Characters, (1750-1900) here.

  1. Engaging Learning Experience

    Learning history has never been more exciting! History Adventures provides users with an interactive history learning experience that will enhance and broaden their comprehension of the complex world around them.

    When you first open the book application on your device, make sure you go through the ‘How To Use This Book’ guide since History Adventures is filled with different types of interactive content and you can launch different features at your own comfort by clicking certain icons – additional information, 3D experience, tags (mainly to help you memorize certain definitions), audio comments of the historian related to the featured topic, and much more!

  2. History Has Never Been So… Unboring!
    Innovative applied interaction design research shows how data visualization, musical scoring, interactive maps of time, and documentary-inspired visualizations can bring the pages of history to life, which makes the learning experience incredibly engaging and fascinating.

    We promise, after you start reading, you just won’t be able to stop!

  3. Get Ready To Ace The AP World History Exam (Applicable To Some Other Exams Too)

    We’ve created the History Adventures keeping the AP World History Program curriculum in mind. Therefore, in the actual book, you will be able to see which AP World History: Modern topics exactly are covered in the upcoming pages.

    The best part – you will also be able to test your knowledge about the relevant topic or story with different types of questions.

    Moreover, the book can also be used when preparing for other types of World History exams.

  4. Pure Readaxation
    According to the University of Sussex research, reading for just 6 minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by 68%. Our book will not only help you reduce stress, but you’ll also be able to switch your mind off from your work and daily routine and go on a breathtaking historical journey to the age of Revolutions and Industrialization.

    By the way, you can learn more about the power of reading for pleasure here.

  5. History Adventures is free

    Yes, you read that right! History Adventures is absolutely free to download for everyone.

    We’re available on Apple Books, so just download it now to your iOS device and enjoy the most captivating history book ever.

So why wait? Download History Adventures now!